Meet Our Donors

Dr. Laurie (Nehls) Sherwen '70 and John Douglas Sherwen '70/MBA '76

Dr. Laurie (Nehls) Sherwen '70 and John Douglas Sherwen '70/MBA '76
Philanthropic Champions of Seton Hall's College of Nursing

Dr. Laurie Sherwen and John Douglas Sherwen, both proud alumni of Seton Hall University, have embarked on a remarkable journey of giving back to their alma mater as passionate donors to the College of Nursing. Read more »

Dr. Andrew Rinko, Jr. '71/M.A. '74 with his wife Connie

Dr. Andrew Rinko, Jr., '71/M.A. '74
A Seton Hall story built on relationships and resilience

The blend of a unique experience, that was made possible through hard work and interactions with influential faculty and staff members of the University helped create a clear path for Andy to become the empathetic, impactful leader he is today. Read more »

Katherine Fischer Warzynski, B.A. '66

Katherine Fischer Warzynski, B.A. '66
Honoring her accomplishments through philanthropy.

By making the University a beneficiary of her IRA, Katherine intends to support countless future Pirates through her incredibly generous contribution. Read more »

James C. Adamczyk '73

James C. Adamczyk, '73
A Pirate with a passion for university tradition and values.

Jim credits his success at Seton Hall and his professional life to the influential faculty at Seton Hall. With his planned gift to the university, Jim intends to create new opportunities that mirror his wonderful undergraduate experience in South Orange. Read more »

George J. Germann, Sr., B.S., '65, M.A., '67

George J. Germann, Sr., '65/MA '67
Hall-of-Fame athlete displays true passion for his time at SHU.

George Germann, Sr., '65/MA '67, entered the University in the fall of 1961 on an athletic scholarship for track and field. For George, he understood the call to persevere and run the entire race - both in life and on the track. Read more »

Garrett Hansen, '79 (right), and his wife Leslie (left)

Garrett H. Hansen, '79
Inspired by Experiences and Relationships

Inspired by experiences and relationships during his time at Seton Hall and a desire to help future educators, Garrett and his wife created the Garrett '79 and Leslie Hansen Scholarship Fund, supporting the College of Education and Human Services. Read more »

Stephanie Hauge and Her Husband, Jon

Stephanie J. Hauge, '78/M.B.A., '81/ M.A.T., '15
Helping Future Scholars on Their Journey

Stephanie Hauge hopes her planned gift will help alleviate financial stresses for future students and allow them to have the same unique, fruitful learning experience she had at Seton Hall. Read more »

Bill Rifino '53

Elizabeth Rifino M.A. '93
Passionate Educator, Loving Wife, and Philanthropist

By intending to make this gift to Seton Hall, Elizabeth will forever memorialize the love she and Bill had for each other at a place that played a special role in their story. Read more »

Shirley and Gabe Garbarini, '50

Shirley and Gabe Garbarini, '50
A Lifetime of Service and Passion for Helping Others

By making Seton Hall a beneficiary of the IRA, Shirley will create opportunities for students in our ROTC program and at the Stillman School of Business. She also eternally honored Gabe's memory and legacy as a loyal alumnus. Read more »

Stan Pszczolkowski '69

Stan Pszczolkowski '69
Lifelong Admiration for the Lessons Learned in the Classroom

For alumnus Stan Pszczolkowski '69, the schooling and impression he received from the late Dr. John J. Saccoman, Sr., played an integral part in helping him decide to make a planned gift to the University. Read more »

Gary S. Plano, Ed.D. '04

Gary S. Plano, Ed.D. '04
Advocate for Diversity

For Gary Plano, Ed.D. '04, Seton Hall was a place where he could fully pursue his dreams of completing his doctoral studies. The opportunities provided by his degree and the connections formed during his time as a student inspired Gary to give back. Read more »

Patrick '64/M.B.A. '72 and Mary Ann Pfaff Murray

Patrick '64/M.B.A. '72 and Mary Ann Pfaff Murray
A Legacy That Reaches Every Corner of the University

Pat and his wife Mary Ann's philanthropy has supported a wide range of University priorities and their support will continue through the establishment of a Charitable Lead Trust (CLT). Read more »

Donna Burkat, M.A. '06

Donna Burkat, M.A. '06
Time to Give Back

Donna was so enlightened by her experience with her professors and how they approached humanity that she informed the University she had included the program in her estate plans, designating money for the Sister Rose Thering Fund. Read more »

Daniel J. Gioseffi '73 with his wife, Roxanne

Daniel J. Gioseffi '73
A Path Toward Social Discovery

In making his planned gift, Dan wanted to give back and provide future students with what was provided to him: an education, a work ethic to succeed in all aspects of life, well- rounded socialization and a community of peers. Read more »

Robert Pastore '64

Robert Pastore '64
Time to Give Back

Bob Pastore '64 attended both Seton Hall Prep and the University and is an avid Pirate basketball fan. He went on to pursue a successful career in Aviation. Bob has established an estate gift and encourages fellow alumni to give back to their alma mater. Read more »

Jeff and Fran Levy

Jeff and Fran Levy
Community and Family

Jeff Levy and his wife, Fran, are passionate about education. Combined, they taught for more than 85 years. In support of that passion, they established the Jeff and Fran Levy Fellowship to help students pursuing psychology-related master's degrees. Read more »

Stanley (Lee) C. Burke, Jr. '62/M.A. '84

Stanley (Lee) C. Burke, Jr. '62/M.A. '84
Looking Back, Giving Forward—the SHU Connection

In recognition of his fond allegiance to Seton Hall, Lee and his wife, Arlene, revised their estate plans by adding a codicil to their wills with a special bequest to Seton Hall to establish a scholarship in memory of his parents, Stanley C. and Elizabeth M. Burke. Read more »

Anthony F. Herber '67/MAE '72 and Louise M. Herber

Anthony F. Herber '67/MAE '72 and Louise M. Herber
A Noble Calling

In appreciation for his Seton Hall experience and with a firm belief in the values instilled by a Catholic education, Tony and Louise included a provision in their wills to fund an endowed scholarship for students in the College of Education and Human Services. Read more »

Stephen J. Marcopoto '77

Stephen J. Marcopoto '77
An Increased Desire to Give Back

Stephen J. Marcopoto '77 counts Seton Hall as one the key elements that enabled him to experience an intellectually rewarding, experientially full and successful career. To give back, he established the Anthony A. Marcopoto Endowed Scholarship Fund through a bequest in his will. Read more »

Thomas Butler, Ph.D. '04

Thomas Butler, Ph.D. ‘04
Nurturing a New Generation of Students

Tom strongly felt the need to contribute what he could so Seton Hall could continue to support and nurture new generations of students. It was for that reason that shortly before his retirement he decided to participate in the Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) program. Read more »

Rev. William P. Lesak '71, M.Ed. '02

Rev. William P. Lesak '71, M.Ed. '02, Captain, Chaplain Corps, United States Navy (Ret.)
A Lifetime of Service to God and Country

Through a charitable remainder trust (CRT) established with his local community foundation, Immaculate Conception Seminary will receive annual distributions in perpetuity to support seminarians through the Rev. William P. Lesak Endowed Seminary Fund. Read more »

Phyllis C. Dunlop, ‘90

Phyllis C. Dunlop, MBA ‘90
It All Comes Down to Gratitude

Student testimonials and a desire to help today's students realize what their education not only means to them now, but what their Seton Hall experience will mean in the future, led Phyllis to include Seton Hall in her estate plans. Read more »

Anthony “Tony” Galioto '67

Anthony “Tony” Galioto '67
A Call to Servant Leadership

Tony financially supports the University in many ways, including the Anthony J. Galioto Endowed Scholarship. Out of gratitude for his time at Seton Hall and conscious of the legacy he would like his children and grandchildren to be proud of, he has chosen to leave a specific bequest in his will to support undergraduate studies in the Department of Psychology. Read more »

Dean E. Cole ‘68

Dean E. Cole ‘68
A True Testimonial

Dean credits the University with giving him a quality education, a warm and welcoming student environment, a taste of the “true” college life, and of course, Pirate Athletics. His planned gift was not prompted by any particular event. Rather, it was conceived as his ultimate gesture to his alma mater. Read more »

A photo of Richard Connors, Ph.D. '50

Richard Connors, Ph.D. ‘50
Funding His Passions

During his remarkable 40-year career with the University, Dick served as a professor and then chair of the Department of Political Science, before becoming provost. He recently included the University Libraries in his estate plans with a planned gift to enhance the Library's collections. Read more »

A photo of Maureen and David Wadiak sitting in their convertible.

Maureen (Hennessy) Wadiak ‘80
Equalizing the Playing Field

Maureen and her husband established an endowed scholarship with the hope that their gift will enable the University to attract and retain students who will be tomorrow's leaders — leaders who combine intellect and integrity to make the world a better place. Read more »

Patricia Burgh House Ed.D. '01

Patricia Burgh House Ed.D. '01
Higher Cause

Pat honored her lifelong love of learning and commitment to higher education through a generous gift to the Stetar-Finkelstein Fund, which supports the University's higher education doctoral program and recently, she and her husband committed a major donation through their estate, creating the Patricia Burgh House and Steven House Endowed Discretionary Fund. Read more »

Larry and Pat Linton

Laurence W. Linton '62 / M.A. '64
Remembering How His Life Has Been Enriched

Larry and Pat have been contributing consistently to Seton Hall since they were married in 1971.While revising their estate plans, Larry and Pat felt strongly that they wanted to include Seton Hall in appreciation for the many ways their lives have been enriched by the University. Read more »

Daniel A. Giovinetto '80

Daniel A. Giovinetto '80
A Duty to Support Future Generations of Seton Hall Scholars

Dan Giovinetto '80 became the first in his family to earn a college degree and now supports current students through the Daniel A. Giovinetto Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship Fund which assists the next generation of students in helping them reach their goals. Read more »

Joseph '59/M.B.A. '75 and Nancy McTighe

Joseph '59/M.B.A. '75 and Nancy McTighe
Honoring His School and Their Team

Joe McTighe '59/M.B.A. '75 says giving back and providing scholarship funding was foremost on his and wife Nancy's gift planning agenda. Because of their interests in scholarship support and athletics, Joe and Nancy made Seton Hall a partial beneficiary of their retirement accounts. Read more »

Joe '79 and Martha '81 Andreski

Joe ‘79 and Martha ‘81 Andreski
Jersey Generous

Joe '79 and Martha '81 Andreski have lived in eight U.S. states. But their enduring connection to the place they grew up — and to Seton Hall — led them to fund a new student scholarship. Through an estate commitment, they have set up a scholarship fund for students from Union County schools. Read more »

Patricia Frele '73/MBA '79 with her Scholarship Recipient

Patricia Frele ‘73/MBA ‘79
Honoring Her Parents

Patricia established the James and Rose Frele Scholarship Fund to assist students in the College of Education and Human Services or the Stillman School of Business. She accomplished that goal by adding Seton Hall as a beneficiary of her Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Read more »

Robert Tarte '65/J.D. '69

Robert Tarte ‘65/J.D. ‘69
Sustaining Scholarship Support to Promote Italian Language and Culture

Robert has funded an endowed scholarship which benefits students in Italian Studies, and through an estate gift and a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA), he has ensured future generations will benefit from his generosity. Read more »

Joseph Kacirek, MA ‘81

Joseph Kacirek, MA '81
A strong advocate of academic rigor and excellence.

A strong advocate of academic rigor and excellence, he is a staunch believer in a liberal arts education. For that reason, he named Seton Hall as the beneficiary of his Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to establish the Kacirek-Klement Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Read more »

Harold '63/MAE '69 and Jacqueline MA '69 D'Alessio

Harold '63/MAE '69 and Jacqueline MA '69 D'Alessio
Giving back to the places that helped along the way.

Married for more than 50 years and now retired, Harold and Jaqueline are true servant leaders and have designated Seton Hall as a beneficiaries in their will. Together their gifts will support students and seminarians and provide a D'Alessio legacy at Seton Hall for years to come. Read more »

Nicholas R. Scalera '63

Nicholas R. Scalera ‘63
A Feeling of Social Responsibility

Nicholas R. Scalera's constant desire to give back led the alumnus back to his alma mater where he created the Nicholas R. Scalera '63 Scholarship Fund. For Nicholas, it has proved to be one of the most personally rewarding decisions of his life. Read more »

Alexanderina Vigh '65

Alexanderina Vigh ‘65
A Personal Responsibility

Alexanderina Vigh '65 values her Seton Hall education more than ever. Through gift planning, she is ensuring the University's vitality for future generations. Read more »

Joseph Toma '49

Joseph Toma ‘49
A Grand Adventure

For Joseph Toma ‘49, a wartime stint in the Coast Guard, a successful business built from the ground up, and a 62-year marriage add up to a well-lived life. Read more »

Tony Zengaro '63

Tony Zengaro ‘63
Paying it Forward

From baseball to accounting to life as a public servant, Tony Zengaro '63 wants other students to have the same opportunities he had at Seton Hall. Tony has designated Seton Hall as the beneficiary of his retirement savings account that will establish the Tony Zengaro Endowed Pirate Blue Scholarship.  Read more »

Joe Vuono, M.A. ‘70

Joe Vuono, M.A. ‘70
A Lifelong Inspiration

Joe Vuono's parents were hardworking Italian immigrants devoted to their Catholic faith. They made countless personal sacrifices to afford a college education for Joe M.A. '70 and his sister. And their example led Joe to a life of service — to his community and to his faith. Read more »

Joseph A. Reilly '60

Joseph A. Reilly '60
Paying a Debt of Gratitude

Joseph A. Reilly '60 was attracted to Seton Hall because of its proximity to New York City and the University's radio station, WSOU. Given Joe's interest in broadcasting, Seton Hall was the right choice; he spent untold hours at his newfound love WSOU. Read more »

Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee '71, M.A. '73, M.L.S., M.A. '80
A Bequest Inspired by a Catalog of Memories

Anthony Lee '71, M.A. '73, M.L.S., M.A. '80 can link every memorable moment of his life at Seton Hall to a personal milestone. Though the much-beloved reference librarian and professor retired in December 2016, his positive impact on campus will continue well into the future thanks to a bequest — an estate gift — he has made to Seton Hall. Read more »

Lucille Flynn, Class of '83

Lucille (O'Connor) Flynn '83
Extending a Lifelong Relationship

Lucille Flynn '83 knows how to choose the right university. After more than three decades working in higher education, Flynn advises students that comfort is a key factor. Read more »

Frank and Lillian Eilbacher

Frank Eilbacher '50
A values-based success story

Frank Eilbacher '50 had supported Seton Hall for much of his life, including gifts to the annual fund and by attending athletic and cultural events. This generosity, he explained, was a token of appreciation for the intellectual, moral and religious development he received as a student. Read more »

Dr. John DeVoy '55, D.D.S.

John DeVoy '55, D.D.S.
Ensuring the education of tomorrow's seminarians

Safeguarding the future of the priesthood was a passion for John DeVoy '55, D.D.S. The oral surgeon and part-time anatomy professor regularly supported the Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology. Read more »

Richard E. Mahmarian

Richard E. Mahmarian M.B.A. '68
Upholding Seton Hall's legacy of access

Richard E. Mahmarian M.B.A. '68 grew up in Belleville, N.J., the son of immigrant parents who understood that an education was essential for achieving prosperity in their adopted country. Read more »

Meet Ruth Morgan

Ruth Morgan
No longer teaching, but still helping students

Thomas J. Morgan '66 was a man of many interests, from running marathons to deep-sea fishing. His greatest pursuit, however, was teaching English at Lincoln High School in Jersey City, N.J. His partner in this adventure was his wife, Ruth, another member of the English faculty. Read more »

George Mehm '77/M.B.A. '80

George Mehm '77/M.B.A. '80
Honoring his family by helping others

The first person in his family to attend college, George Mehm '77/M.B.A. '80 took his love of learning to Seton Hall, where he earned a B.A. in political science and an M.B.A. in finance. Today he serves on the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Board of Advisors in the Stillman School of Business. To help continue this upward trajectory, he established a bequest to create the Mehm and Kriz Family Endowed Scholarship Fund. Read more »