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Free Webinar Series for Alumni

Seton Hall University invites all alumni, parents and friends to take part in a webinar series covering a variety of topics delivered by professionals, alumni, administrators, and more. Learn more about a topic that interests you! All sessions are free for members of the Seton Hall University community.

All participants are welcome to join as many sessions as they would like.

Please contact Sean McCarthy, assistant director of alumni benefits, with questions at (973) 378-9821 or

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Thursday, May 6
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

"Your dream has power. It can inspire you and empower you. But will it reward you?"

Why are we here? The recent pandemic and its aftermath has given us more time than most of us have had in a long time to consider our life’s purpose. But how do you begin the process to make your dream a reality?

Based on John Maxwell’s New York Times bestseller "Put Your Dream To The Test," this webinar will help you to start to discover/rediscover your dream. We will also cover two very important questions that you need to ask to ensure that your dream is truly your own and is one that you are passionate about.

Fred Beck, M.A. ’10 has 31 years of experience in the public sector, with a current focus on Strategic HR and Talent Management. He brings decades of speaking experience to every presentation and is certified to teach John Maxwell’s material. This session will be fun and worthwhile. Please join us!

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Registration is no longer available. Please check back to view the recording from our library below.

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