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Thursday, August 13
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Esports has hit the world by storm in recent years with the pandemic only serving to increase awareness about this new field of competition. As Pirates we are thrilled by new avenues to meet rivalries and compete. Join WSOU Sports and Alumni Engagement in a panel discussion to learn more about Seton Hall esports and the young alumni who helped pioneer Seton Hall’s 2 Big East Titles for esports! Panelists will provide various perspectives to the discussion from their roles as team player, coach and manager.

Moderator: Wilnir Louis
Current Student & WSOU Sports Director

Christian Ciardiello '20
esports Student Manager
Founder of Seton Hall Big East teams

Jared Maldonado '20
Rocket League Team Player
2018 Inaugural Big East Rocket League Champion

Quinton Escalante '20
League of Legends Player & Coach
2020 Big East League of Legends Champion

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Seton Hall's esports - A Panel Discussion with Alumni:

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