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Every gift to Seton Hall Law makes a distinct and immediate impact on today's students and faculty, those individuals who make the Law School what it is and what it will become.

Whether you support a particular program or organization, contribute to scholarships, fellowships, faculty research or allow us to direct your generosity to the area of greatest need, we appreciate each and every gift.

The Fund for Seton Hall Law

The Fund for Seton Hall Law touches the lives of nearly every student, every single day.

An unrestricted resource, the Fund for Seton Hall Law allows the Law School to meet critical priorities and to respond to immediate needs.

There are as many uses for the Fund as there are donors, though in the past it has provided for scholarships, capital projects, bringing renowned scholars to campus and engaging the surrounding community through student volunteer work.

Thanks to gifts from donors everywhere, the Fund for Seton Hall Law enables the Law School to undertake promising initiatives, strengthen its spiritual identity and provide ever greater opportunities for students and faculty to excel.

For answers to your questions about The Fund for Seton Hall Law or to make a gift over the phone, please contact us at the number above.

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Create a Named Scholarship

Making a Seton Hall Law education possible for all deserving students — regardless of their financial ability — is among Dean Kathleen Boozang's top priorities and a major component of the Law School's philosophy to treat and work with each student as an individual.

88% of the 2017 incoming class received some form of aid, including scholarships, loans and/or work-study support. The most important part of a student's financial aid package is the scholarship portion. Students who receive such assistance often describe the experience as “a blessing to me and my family.”

Still, Seton Hall Law is at a disadvantage because it cannot offer scholarships on par with tuition awards from other prominent institutions and needs to compete with public institutions which garner state support.

We want to maximize our ability to recruit a class of outstanding students by creating financial aid packages that support our recruitment objectives. Your gift will help ensure that high-achieving students who desire the benefits of a Seton Hall Law education are able to attend.

Please contact our office at (973) 642-8711 to explore these options.

Learn More About Named Scholarships

Establish a Faculty Chair

In recent years, Seton Hall Law has focused most of its recruiting efforts on up-and-coming legal scholars — rising stars who will make a significant and long-term impact on, practice teaching and legal research. This strategy has proven so successful that the Law School now finds itself in heated retention battles with other institutions for these same professors.

Establishing faculty chairs is the most effective means of ensuring that promising scholars realize their full potential at Seton Hall Law. Chairs confer prestige on their recipients and encourage the high-caliber research and instruction to which the Law School has grown accustomed.

Your gift will supplement the salary and research funding of professors who are on a trajectory to achieve renown in their disciplines. With your assistance, these emerging academic leaders will continue to inspire Seton Hall Law students to achieve personal excellence through their teaching and to benefit humanity through their research. Moreover, their presence on the faculty will enable the Law School to attract additional scholars and promising new students.

Contact us at (973) 642-8711 to explore this and more ways to support our outstanding faculty.

Support Experiential Learning Opportunities for Students

Seton Hall Law's academic approach challenges students to engage in rigorous courses. More than merely receiving legal knowledge via Socratic Method, today's students apply their learning through research, writing and oral presentations, and develop a deeper understanding of what they have learned through internships, field work and community service.

Your support helps strengthen classroom instruction and expand opportunities for academic experiences outside the classroom. A option includes: Programs in the Center for Social Justice: Through the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) clinical program, students move from the classroom to the real-world as they gain hands-on experience representing clients and handling cases from start to finish. Each of the clinics focuses on a particular area of the law, but all share the commitment of promoting social justice by working on behalf of the underrepresented. CSJ graduates regularly recall their clinical experiences as the most fulfilling and memorable of their law school careers. Our CSJ Clinics include the following. Follow links for full descriptions of each clinic.