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University Advancement

The Division of University Advancement oversees programs that strengthen Seton Hall’s brand and reputation while nurturing relationships inside and outside the University that result in greater engagement and philanthropic support. The division consists of four departments: Advancement Services, Alumni and Government Relations, Development, and Public Relations and Marketing.


David Bohan
Vice President
(973) 378-9801

Advancement Services

Advancement Services is charged with maintaining the University’s philanthropic database of alumni, friends, parents and other donors; adding to that database by researching new prospects; and ensuring that donors and other benefactors are properly recognized and stewarded.


Daniel Nugent
Assistant Vice President of Advancement Services
(973) 378-9800

Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations is responsible for strengthening the frequency and quality of alumni engagement by inspiring them to become informed, involved and invested in the life and progress of Seton Hall. The department is the University’s primary source of contact with its more than 92,000 alumni. Staff members create exciting and meaningful ways for graduates to connect with Seton Hall and, in doing so, improve its position as one of the nation’s leading Catholic universities.


Matthew Borowick
Associate Vice President for Alumni and Government Relations
(973) 378-2669


The mission of Development at Seton Hall is to build an ever-growing base of alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations who are significantly involved in the life of the University, and who provide generous financial support to schools, colleges and programs. Members of the department also work collaboratively with campus partners and other departments within University Advancement to ensure maximum philanthropic return for Seton Hall.


Brigette A. Bryant
Associate Vice President for Development
(973) 378-9823

Government Relations

Government Relations manages Seton Hall’s relationships with federal, state and local governments. Its primary tasks include securing federal and state appropriations as well as identifying and assisting with grant and partnership opportunities. Staff members also enhance the quality of interactions with elected and appointed officials, their agencies and the local community, in addition to monitoring and responding to legislation and community concerns that affect the University.


Matthew Borowick
Associate Vice President for Alumni and Government Relations
(973) 378-9816

Public Relations and Marketing

The department works in collaboration with campus partners to advance and strengthen the academic reputation and image of Seton Hall among prospective and current students, staff, alumni, key opinion leaders and other targeted constituencies. Staff members also provide client service to schools, colleges and major programs at the University on public relations and marketing initiatives. Website »


Daniel Kalmanson
Associate Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing
(973) 378-9834