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Thank You for visiting the WSOU Endowed Scholarship Fund Page.

The WSOU Endowed Student Scholarship Fund is the first scholarship designed specifically to support active members of the WSOU student staff on an annual basis. Though the station has changed a lot over the years, for most students the challenge of paying tuition has remained constant. That is why we are asking for your help: so as many students as possible can turn their attention away from paying for their educations and focus instead on learning to be better broadcasters.

By making a donation of $89.50 (or multiple thereof) you will be helping the professional staff members of WSOU reward one or more students for their achievements and dedication to the station. As the fund grows, more and more WSOU students will reap the benefits.

To make a donation to WSOU online, fill in the form below. You may also mail a check, payable to Seton Hall University-Annual Giving c/o Bank of America, PO Box 416938, Boston, MA 02241-6938.

Thank you for your consideration, and keep rockin'!

Support WSOU Scholarships