For Students

Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) was founded in the spring of 2005 by then students Matthew Steele and Ann Armbrust, in partnership with Alumni Relations, to serve as a conduit between current undergraduate students and alumni of the University.

  • to foster relationships between students and alumni;
  • to foster a sense of pride among students and alumni in the University;
  • to educate students about the benefits of a life-long relationship with Seton Hall.

The idea caught on quickly after the group's founding, with more than 200 students registering for membership.

In the first year of its existence the group hosted events in coordination with Athletics and other campus offices, created opportunities for students to interact with alumni and brought the tradition of Spirit Week to Seton Hall. SAA has since changed to a “closed membership” structure, which allows for only 30 members. Each year more than 100 students interview for less than 10 open memberships in the organization.

Current Initiatives

Much like its founding members, the current students involved with SAA strive to bring an ever-renewed sense of spirit to Seton Hall. Through various programs, both on and off-campus, the students maintain traditions and strive to build Pirate pride.

SAA is the only student organization with a 100% participation rate in the Seton Hall Fund, one of the ways the members choose to support Seton Hall.

Annual events and activities include Seton Hall Weekend, Pirate Pandemonium pep rallies, Thank-a-Thon, a service project that benefits Seton Hall, participation at the annual Golden Pirates Reunion and volunteering at various alumni events. SAA's signature event, Bounce ‘N Trounce, takes place each spring and invites students, alumni, faculty, staff and fans to join in bouncing a basketball for 24 straight hours before the home men's basketball game vs. Rutgers. More than 500 Pirates participate.