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The life as a permanent deacon is one of service and charity, of witness and proclaiming the Good News, and of leadership in prayer and liturgy. Gifts in support of the Center for Diaconal Formation, have a direct impact on the men who prepare to serve as deacons and make a massive difference in the future of the entire community they serve. Through the generosity of donors like you, financial impediments to their formation, are reduced or removed, allowing their ministry to flourish.

Giving Levels and their Impact

How do gifts impact the expenses experienced by individuals preparing to serve?

These seven levels of giving, named for the Seven Deacons of Rome, address the personal expenses of Diaconate Formation.

  1. Procuorus: $250 - The equivalent of books 1 semester
  2. Nicanor: $500 - The equivalent of books 1 academic year
  3. Parmenas: $750 - The equivalent of tuition 1 course
  4. Timon: $1,500 - The equivalent of tuition 1 Semester
  5. Nicholas: $3,000 - The equivalent of tuition Academic Year
  6. Saint Philip: $3,500 - The equivalent of tuition and Books Academic Year
  7. Saint Stephen: $15,000 - The equivalent of tuition & Books 4 years

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