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Emerging Entrepreneur
Patrick Burd ’18

Founder, Classic Soccer Cleats

Patrick Burd ’18Patrick Burd '18 graduated Seton Hall with a marketing degree and was a member of the Men's soccer team. While playing soccer at Seton Hall, he turned a hobby of selling soccer footwear into a business, forming Classic Soccer Cleats, His passion for playing soccer started to dissolve, as he focused more on his new passion of becoming an expert in classic and rare soccer footwear.

Upon graduating in 2018, Burd moved around from a few jobs, working in Manchester, England and NYC for a few months, but was never fully satisfied with these career choices. In 2020, he decided to follow his passion and focus on Classic Soccer Cleats full time.

Classic Soccer Cleats has sold over $1million of soccer footwear to 5000+ customers in over 50 countries and has the world's most diverse collection of soccer footwear from the 90's-2010.

Burd enjoys connecting with new collectors with a shared passion from all over the world while focusing on providing superior service. Classic Soccer Cleats is influential in helping a tight knit community of soccer footwear collectors grow each year. His love of soccer footwear has allowed him to follow his passions and focus on what he values most. By embracing the idea of working smarter, not longer, Patrick believes in living a well-balanced life that isn’t consumed by work.