Nicholas R. Scalera ’63

A Feeling of Social Responsibility

Nicholas R. Scalera ’63

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey as the grandson of Italian immigrants, Nicholas R. Scalera ’63 had all the family support he needed from his hardworking and attentive parents. Scalera knew the support of a family was a privilege not many had, but all deserve. That feeling of social responsibility opened a path for him in the social work profession and has led him to make a significant impact on the lives of many who were not awarded the privilege of a stable family.

Scalera attended Seton Hall, where he graduated with a bachelor of science in social studies in 1963. He earned his master of science cum laude in journalism from Columbia University. After a career as a journalist, he embarked on a 40-year career in public service. Today he remains dedicated to helping vulnerable families — particularly, at-risk children and youth. He founded Scalera Consulting Services in 1995, through which he continues to assist governmental and private nonprofit agencies in providing services to at-risk children.

Enthusiastically, the alumnus added that through his life journey, he learned that "“success is not just measured by material possessions, but rather, by helping the less fortunate while asking nothing in return.” Scalera lives by that definition of success. When he is not helping in-need youth through his work, Scalera continues to mentor Seton Hall Prep students, at-risk youth previously under the supervision of the State Division of Youth and Family Services and, of course, current students and alumni/ae of Seton Hall.

Scalera’s constant desire to give back led the alumnus back to his alma mater. With the assistance of Gift Planning staff member Joe Guasconi, he created the Nicholas R. Scalera ’63 Scholarship Fund. “Meeting the scholarship recipients each year and learning how the grants helped them pursue a college education fuels my enthusiasm to help those in need. They are terrific young women and men who courageously defy the odds and overcome barriers in earning a degree. Establishing the Scalera Scholarship Fund has proved to be one of the most personally rewarding decisions of my life,” he said.

In addition to the current gifts Scalera makes to his Scholarship Fund, he has chosen to include Seton Hall in his will, and those funds will support his favorite initiatives — Pirate Blue, the Setonian newspaper, a named lecture series and the Nicholas R. Scalera ’63 Scholarship Fund. You can learn more information about the Scalera Scholarship Fund by visiting

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