Joseph A. Reilly ’60

Paying a Debt of Gratitude

Joseph A. Reilly ’60

Joseph A. Reilly ’60 was attracted to Seton Hall because of its proximity to New York City and the University’s radio station, WSOU. Given Joe’s interest in broadcasting, Seton Hall was the right choice; he spent untold hours at his newfound love WSOU.

Joe fondly recalls cutting a record with his group, The Belvederes, in the WSOU studios, and immersing himself in play-by-play baseball broadcasts. His proudest Seton Hall enterprise however, was his weekly interview show, “Personality Spotlight” with a classmate. The interviews they did featured notables Bobby Darin, Johnny Mathis, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme and Andy Williams.Joe spent many years in radio in Maryland, New Jersey and New York and served as president of the New York State Broadcasters Association for 31 years. He continues his love of radio today with “Reilly on the Radio,” a daily show on WABY (900AM) in Albany, N.Y.

Joe contends he owes Seton Hall a debt of gratitude — not only for his experiences at WSOU, but because he met and married his wife, Carol, while attending the University. He has expressed his gratitude by making annual contributions to the Seton Hall Fund and WSOU for many years, and has included Seton Hall in his will.

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